Feeling small standing next to an ice giant

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When we write about travel experiences we often feel the need for describing things in detail in order to transmit what we felt at a certain moment. We think that words are necessary to help the readers imagine something. However, there are cases when words are excessive and pictures tell more than enough. In our round the world trip, when we were standing at the foot of the majestic Perito Moreno glacier, we felt just this latter. We took loads of pictures to try at least to bring this natural beauty to you, as we knew words wouldn’t serve for that purpose.

Side Panorama Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno, probably one of the most famous glaciers in the world (not to be confused with the town of Perito Moreno located 300 km to the North) is situated 50 km from the small Patagonian town of El Calafate, which people use as a base for visiting the glacier. This enormous glacier is one of the really few ones in the world that actually is growing in spite of the global warming. The end of the glacier (bordering the Lake Argentino) is more than 5 km wide, and a 60 m tall part of it can be seen above the level of the water.

El Calafate was a small settlement that went through incredible growth (the population quadrupled in a decade) due to the tourism.  We have a friend there, Rana, who told us that it was a little deserted village when they moved there at the end of the 90s and now it’s a town full of hostels, restaurants and even casinos. Finding a cheap hostel there is not a problem and the small buffet of “Doña Merché” with delicious empanadas, pizzas and giant “milanesa” sandwiches helped us out when we felt hungry. The town is situated on the lakeside, and there are several nice walks to do in the surroundings. However, the best way to enjoy the Patagonian atmosphere is to go to the local camping, of course it is only an option in Summer. In Argentina campings are really cool, all parcels have their own barbecue, and Argentinean people really use it for an “asado” as they call it.

We took a tour from el Calafate to visit the glacier in the afternoon (there is usually less people then, as those who just spend a day in El Calafate go in the morning). The ticket for the bus and entrance ticket are really overpriced for foreigners, but in the case of this natural wonder you don’t see it that way.

At the Perito Moreno Glacier

We spent there five hours in the walkways looking at the glacier from all different angles. We looked at each other quite often, watching the amazement on the other’s face. We stood there next to this giant piece of ice and we felt incredibly small, it is probably the most impressive natural landmark we have ever seen.

Perito Moreno Landscape

You can walk only in the wooden walkways since going closer than that to the glacier is really dangerous, many people were killed by thin ice needles that fly in every direction when pieces of the melting ice fall down. The day we spent there was a wonderful sunny day and quite warm for being in Patagonia. Due to the warm day, sometimes really large chunks of ice fell into the water. Every time it sounded like a huge explosion, and we felt lucky to assist this amazing natural phenomenon – in the end we were able to get even sequence shots of one of these detachments.

Ice detachment Perito Moreno

We have already talked more than necessary; now let the images speak instead of us for the rest of the post.

Front Panorma Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno Glacier

Surface view Perito Moreno

Have you traveled in Patagonia, the land of some of the most beautiful wonders in our planet? What’s the most impressive natural landscape you have ever seen? 

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42 Responses

  1. looks absolutely breathtaking and you’ve taken such incredibile photos! I’m so excited about going to see it! Looks like you got lucky with really beautiful sunny weather :)

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks very much for your comment! Hope you will love Perito Moreno as much as we did!!! We wish you a great trip!

  2. I’d love to go there, it looks gorgeous. There is something so powerful and breathtaking about all this ice, beautiful!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      I am glad you liked that it! You are right, it is so powerful and it makes you feel really small!

  3. Beautiful! Glaciers are really remarkable pieces of nature, I’d love to go to Patagonia one day! Even though it looks very very cold :)

    • Rachele & Gábor

      It’s really beautiful, actually probably the most impressive natural landscape we have ever seen. You have to visit Patagonia in Summer, it’s the only time when the weather is more or less decent:)

  4. WOW that is really beautiful!
    Im sure the pictures dont do it justice or show how big it really is!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      You are so right, the dimensions can’t be appreciated in the pictures!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! I’m thinking South America for 2016!!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks Ashley! If you go to South America, you can’t possibly leave out the Perito Moreno glacier!

  6. Wow this is amazing! Your pictures are incredible! We have to get this on our bucket list! Thank you for sharing!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks Stacey! I agree with you, this is a place to that deserves a top spot in the bucket list!

  7. Wow – incredible photos! It looks absolutely stunning, and you’re right – sometimes a picture is worth more than words!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks a lot Molly, we really appreciate your comment and that you liked our pictures!!

  8. We were there a few weeks ago and were lucky enough to take a tour on the ice. It was wonderful. Your photos really capture how huge it is and how beautiful. And you had great weather too!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      We would have loved to take a tour on the ice, maybe next time, it must have been an awesome experience!!

  9. Lovely shots of the glaciers – Patagonia is very high on my list of places to see in the next few years.

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks Dave! I really hope you can visit Patagonia in the next few years, it is one of the most beautiful lands in our planet, and Perito Moreno is one of the most amazing spots there.

  10. What an amazing experience to have! I would love to witness chunks of ice melting into the water, although I’m not sure how long a tropical islander like myself will be able to last in that environment.

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks so much for your comment! As you say, it is an amazing natural phenomenon, even for beach lovers is a must to see!:)

  11. Looks stunning! I’ve never heard a glacier fall apart before and I can imagine it be extremely loud and a bit unnerving. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      It is really loud!! I don’t even try to imagine how was when the whole icebridge collapsed there!

  12. WOW! Simply WOW! Your pictures really do tell the story, no need for words. I’ve never been to Patagonia but it’s high on my bucket list for sure.

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks so much Phoebe! We really appreciate your comments about our pictures! Hope you can also get to visit Patagonia!

  13. Patagonia is in my top 10 on the travel bucket list. Your pictures only made me want to get there sooner. What an amazing place! Thanks for sharing via #SundayTraveler.

    • Rachele & Gábor

      I am glad that our post made you desire even more to go to Patagonia! It’s a fabulous place!

  14. Great post and photos! Patagonia looks like one of the most breathtaking places on Earth, and it is definitely somewhere we are truly looking forward to visiting in the (hopefully) near future. The Perito Moreno glacier would definitely be high up on our list when we are there! Thanks for sharing and safe travels!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks so much Travis! Patagonia is one of the most amazing lands on our planet, the mountains, the lakes, the colors…it’s a very special place and Perito Moreno is one of the highlights!

  15. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the sequence of the glacier and ice breaking off. We’ve only seen glaciers in Alaska but these Patagonia ones are massive. You’ve captured these majestic natural landmarks beautifully. What an unforgettable experience!

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks Mary for this very kind comment! You are right, Perito Moreno is a majestic natural landmark! By the way, Alaska is one of the places that I would love to visit the most!

  16. Guys, you were right when you said at the beginning that sometimes the words are excessive and pictures tell more. Beautiful photos, and what a dramatic scenery. The Perito Moreno glacier is really stunning.

    • Rachele & Gábor

      We are really glad that you liked the images! They might not even give back the dimensions. This glacier is absolutely amazing!

  17. WOW WOW and did I mentioned WOW? What a site, you guys really do get to the best places. I just love how what you see is not the usual stuff and you make it come alive! Thanks for linking up to #SundayTraveler

    • Rachele & Gábor

      Thanks Sarah, so kind of you! It is worth writing a blog to receive comments like yours!

  18. I’m glad you got to witness the glacier calving – one of nature’s most amazing wonders. I was there a little over a year ago and can still hear the cracking of the ice. Nice selection of shots.

    • Rachele & Gábor

      You are right Bob, it is an incredible natural wonder, and you feel overwhelmed by its beauty when you stand next to it.

  19. I love Perito Moreno, it’s my fave one in the world. Unfortunately, we had quite poor weather when there so I’m a bit jealous of these gorgeous pics :-)

    • Rachele & Gábor

      It’s one of our favorite natural landmarks in the world, too. No doubt about that! Thanks for your comment!

  20. Wow oh my goodness, so beautiful. I’m heading to Argentina soon but I won’t have the time to go as far south, so gutted! Definitely need to go back and see this place :)

    • Rachele & Gábor

      The Perito Moreno is one of these unique places in the world that you will never forget! I hope you can get to see it once!

  21. Beautiful photos. I went there and took a boat tour that navigated the icebergs. I spent hours watching the calving glacier as chunks fell off into the water. Truly spectacular, and I agree that this is one place you have to visit

    • Rachele & Gábor

      We haven’t done the boat tour, but it must have been really amazing! Perito Moreno is truly magical!

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