Here comes another one episode of the adventures of Pulserita Viajera, the traveling bracelet we presented you in one of our recent posts.

Until now we have shown you Pulserita Viajera moments from Cambodia, this time let’s remember one from Burma, a country with the kindest people you can imagine. When we visited Bago, a small town not so far from Yangon, which is famous for its beautiful pagodas, reclining Buddhas and the Golden Rock, one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar, which is found in the mountains nearby.

On our way to one of the pagodas, we met a group of really sweet kinds. They all wanted to play with us, and actually Gábor stopped for a while to play football (soccer for our dear American readers) with them. Actually it was the strangest thing, as the kids chose the Buddhist altar to be the goal. In Burma, most little kids wear thanaka on their face, a yellowish color paste. We played with these kids for a while, and the girls really liked their bracelet, while the little boy, being the man of the group, said he’s better of with his toy revolver. Bago probably is not as exciting as Bagan in the same country, but mostly because of these kids, we will never forget it.

Pulserita Viajera in Bago

Pulserita Viajera meets Bago