We presented to you Pulserita Viajera, the Traveling Bracelet in one of our recent posts. We promised to share with you some of the nicest #pulseritaviajera moments of our round the world trip, and in the meantime we are looking forward to receive yours.

In Battambang, Cambodia we took a tour to visit some interesting places around, and we took the bamboo train which was once an important mean of transport, now it is basically a touristic attraction. We arrived in a small village where we walked around for a while, when a little boy and girl approached us. The girl instantly made friends with Rachele, she showed us her little book and soon she was in her arms. She even gave Rachele a small ring made by herself from palm tree leaves. The boy was more shy, but he also stayed with us till we had to leave, they were our private tour guides in the village!

Pulserita Viajera in Battambang

Pulserita Viajera is in Battambang