After our first photowalk around the beautiful lands of Patagonia and then exploring my beautiful hometown Debrecen in Hungary, let’s go for a photowalk in a real tropical paradise, the island of Ko Tao, which is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is most famous for being one of the cheapest places to do the open-water diving course. The island has a calm vibe and although Sairee Beach (the main beach) can get crowded some times, there are so many beautiful small bays on the island where you can snorkel without being bothered by anone. There are some really nice viewpoints on the island from where you can appreciate its natural beauty. Our photos, both of the island and those taken underwater (we took these photos snorkeling) will convince you that Ko Tao is an amazing island. Nevertheless, let again the pictures talk.

View of two beautiful bays in Koh Tao

Panorama view of Ko Tao


Colorful fish in Ao Luek Bay

Colorful fish Ko Tao


Beach on the little island of Ko Nangyuan

Beach Ko Nangyuan


Big group of yellowstripe scad fish

Big group of yellowstripe scad fish Ko Tao


Sunrise in Hin Wong Bay

Sunrise in Ko Tao


Scribbled filefish

Scribbled filefish Ko Tao