About Us

We are addicted to travelling and some people might say we are a little bit crazy. What we like the most in this life is putting our backpacks on, and travelling around to explore any corner of this world. We believe that every little corner on Earth is worth visiting, there are no places without some kind of a special charm.
When we travel, we try to experience all the places as we were one of the local. We try to absorb as much as possible from the local culture, traditions and cuisine. When we have the chance, we try to spend some time living with local people. During our travels we have seen many beautiful landscapes, exciting cities, but what we enjoy the most is discovering these authentic places, where there might not be anything special, but you feel special there.
Our blog was born in 2012 for the occasion of our round the world trip, a dream come true. Through Surfing the Planet, apart from transmitting our passion for travelling and discovering new worlds, we also would like to help fellow travelers to choose their travel destinations and prepare their trips. We give our personal point of view on what we think is worth seeing and doing in a particular place. We also provide information and advice on more practical matters, such as where to eat or sleep and how to get from one place to another. We always share both the nice and difficult moments of our personal experience with the readers, telling anecdotes, sometimes funny stories.

The team of Surfing the Planet

Rachele Cervaro

About Us_RacheleI was born in the beautiful city of Venice, but I grew up in a small town nearby in the North of Italy. I have lived in three different countries, I have travelled in more than 30 and somehow I always end up living in Barcelona. I love eating and searching for new challenges.
Since my early childhood I have enjoyed travelling, first with my family up and down the “boot” and around the countries of the former Yugoslavia. I grew up with the dream of living in London, and I accomplished it in 2003. In 2000 I went on my first camping holidays alone to a touristic place in Italy.
When I graduated, I really felt like moving abroad, and in the end due to a series of coincidences I ended up in Barcelona where I discovered a completely new world and that travelling alone is not something crazy as many people wanted me to believe before. In Barcelona I met Gábor, my partner in both life and travelling.
In 2010, I wanted to live a really strong travelling experience, so I went to India alone to travel around Rajasthan. Since then, I haven’t stopped travelling either alone or accompanied. After finishing my Masters in Global Marketing at an English university; with Gábor we decided to carry out together the dream of our life: do a trip around the world. We left everything in Barcelona and departed for this epic adventure which lasted 17 months. We traveled around 3 continents including South America, Oceania and South East Asia.

Gábor Kovács

About Us_GaborI am from a Hungary, a small country in Central Europe.  Since I was little, I have always been attracted by things far from my country, distant from my own world. I soon started to dream about living in foreign countries and travelling to many places.  I chose my vocation (I am a researcher) according to these objectives, as this is a profession which permits quite a lot of travelling.  I can say that I have fulfilled a part of my goals, as I have travelled in more than 40 countries and I have been living abroad for many years now. Nevertheless, there is still a lot that I would like to see and do, I would like to explore many other places.
After living in Switzerland for some time, I moved to Barcelona almost a decade ago. Living abroad allowed me to get to know many amazing people and places, and it made me possible learning several different foreign languages. In Barcelona, as I have always been surrounded by such a variety of people (both locals and foreigners from all over the world), I could acquire the taste of many different cultures and customs, and I can say that by many of these once foreign habits are now mine too. While living in Barcelona, I travelled a lot around Europe both for pleasure and through work. When I travel, I can dedicate a lot of time to another passion of mine, which is photography.
In Barcelona I met Rachele, my partner, who shares with me this traveler syndrome and constant curiosity for exploring new worlds. After dreaming about it, deciding it and planning it together, we left in 2012 for travelling around the world. During almost a year and a half we travelled in 17 countries around South America, Oceania and South East Asia. The feeling of freedom given by travelling seized us forever. We are back to Barcelona again, but we can’t stop thinking about new adventures.