Travelling in Tanzania and doing safaris in the national parks of the country is very high on every traveler’s bucket list. In the last post, we started our latest series about the nicest national parks of Tanzania with our visit to the Tarangire National Park, the home of the elephants.

This time we continue visiting Tanzania and we take you the most famous national park of the country, and probably that of the whole African continent, the Serengeti National Park. Many of us grew up watching David Attenborough’s nature documentaries, and feeling as if we were inside one of these documentaries was one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had. The landscape of the infinite plain of the Serengeti will be in our dreams forever.

This park occupies an immense land of 15,000 sq km, so naturally in a few day long of safari in Serengeti, you can only see a small fraction of it. However, only in a couple of days, we saw all the main predators of the African savannah: lions, gepards, leopards and crocodiles, and all the other animals that before visiting Tanzania we had only seen in zoos and documentaries. We take you on a  Safari Photowalk now to this wonderful park, and let the pictures talk now instead of us. let’s say this is the second part of  our brief Tanzania travel guide for your trips.Zebras playing in Serengeti National Park | Visiting TanzaniaLions resting in Serengeti | Travelling in TanzaniaGiraffe and sunset in Serengeti National Park | Tanzania destinationHippo shouting in Serengeti | Safari Tanzania

Elephant mother and calf in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania Lion prepared for hunting at Serengeti National Park | Travel Tanzania Hiena in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania Mongoose standing in Serengeti National Park Tanzania Giraffe portrait in Serengeti | Safari Tanzania Hippo pool in Serengeti Tanzania Giraffes walking in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania Leopard hiding in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania Elephant fight in Serengeti National Park | Travel Tanzania Elephant meeting in Serengeti National Park | Travelling in Tanzania Lion portrait in Serengeti Tanzania Gazelles running in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania Serengeti National Park | Travel Tanzania Pumba in Serengeti National Park | Safari Tanzania Lions on a tree in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania Group of buffalos in Serengeti National Park | Travel in Tanzania Lion rock in Serengeti National Park | Visiting Tanzania


Where is the Serengeti National Park located?

The Serengeti National Park is situated in the North of Tanzania, about 320 km from Arusha, the closest surrounding city in the area.

How to get to the Serengeti National Park?

In order to get to Arusha, the city, which serves as base for visiting the parks of Northern Tanzania, the easiest way is to fly to Nairobi in Kenya or the Kilimandjaro International Airport in Tanzania, where Arusha based agencies will surely pick you up. From Arusha the 320 km long journey takes around 7-8 hours, but the scenery is interesting during the trip, so you will not find the trip very exhaustive.

When to visit Serengeti National Park?

Visiting Tanzania can’t be imagined without doing a safari in the Serengeti National Park, and fortunately the park offers fantastic wildlife during the whole year. There are special moments of the year, like February when usually the Serengeti migration takes place. The months of July and August are considered to be the best to see wildlife, when the vegetation is dry and animals gather around the scarce water in the park, although you should expect a lot of tourists in that part of the year.

Recommendations for your visit to the Serengeti

During your visit to the Serengeti National Park, you will strictly have to obey the rules, and follow the recommendations of your guide. For instance, don’t whistle or make strange sounds to the animals, don’t lean out of the vehicle to try to take a selfie, be an adult.

But most importantly, don’t ever think about getting off your jeep, even though there seem not to be any animal around. If you want to experience a safari without being in a vehicle, you can find here information about walking safaris in Africa.

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Visiting the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania Visiting Tanzania | The Serengeti National Park

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