Have you ever been to a hotel where – as part of the service – they can give you instruments and you can play the guitar or the keyboard if you feel like? Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

During our Berlin Blogtrip with BCNTB and VisitBerlin, I had the opportunity to stay at the NHow Berlin; the first music hotel in Europe which has also two recording studios equipped with the most modern technology. If there is a place in Europe where you don’t get surprised of finding this hotel, it’s the German capital, always leader in all sorts of innovations. The hotel is situated between the buildings of Universal Studios and MTV, very close to the East Side Gallery.

When you enter Nhow Berlin, it seems to be found yourself in a parallel dimension where there are no straight lines, everything is pink and curvy. The architect probably is a great fan of modernism, the works of Gaudí for example.

Hall Nhow Berlin

Everything in this hotel is so different and psychedelic. There are 6 elevators, each of them with a different color and musical theme inside.

Elevator Nhow Berlin

The rooms are pink, blue or grey, depending on your taste, I obviously picked the pink one:) When I say pink, it means pink everywhere: the bed, the bathroom, the slippers, the bath robe and even the soap were pink. The style is very peculiar and the TV is hidden behind the mirror. Many of you might think that the color is too chic, but actually it’s in harmony with the rest of the hotel, even the guys liked it.

Room and Bed Nhow Berlin

Bathroom Nhow Berlin

Between the hall and the bar there is a stage where you can play the guitar and the drums. Of course we are just pretending in this picture.

Fake Music group Nhow Berlin

In the bar, the prevailing color is golden, there are some really huge armchairs, it’s open till late and the prices are OK. The restaurant is white and pink again, the food is of high quality, and the prices are also of a quality restaurant.

Restaurant Nhow Berlin

The part we enjoyed the most is the terrace facing the Spree River and the Oberbaum Bridge where you can spend a lovely afternoon enjoying the view and the sunset with a beer in hand.

If you spend a few days in Berlin, we can absolutely recommend this hotel, the standards are really high, the staff is kind and helpful, and most of all, you will have a new kind of experience. The price is not higher than that of the regular 4-star hotels in Berlin, and you will have a special memory about this hotel, in this already so unique city.