The mountain of Tibidabo is the highest point (512 m) of the city of Barcelona. Many people go up there to see the amazing view, but as we will show, the area of Tibidabo has much more to offer than just that.

View Tibidabo

On the top, we can find the oldest theme park in Spain (the second oldest one in Europe) that fills the air with children’s scream on Summer weekends. Although it’s quite an old park, children seem to enjoy themselves as much as they do in the more modern ones.

Fun park Tibidabo

Just next to the theme park, we can visit the church dedicated to Don Bosco, which was built on the peak of the mountain between 1902 and 1961. The temple has two parts, the crypt underneath and the church over it, and from the top Christ the Redeemer is giving a hug to the whole city.

Church Tibidabo

From a certain point of view it reminds us the Sacré Coeur church in Paris. Although the church on Tibidabo is  relatively new, we really like its intimate atmosphere with the colorful mosaic decoration.

Mosaics in the church on Tibidabo

Apart from being a tourist attraction, the area of Tibidabo is also a popular place among local people for excursions in the weekends. There are various trails to walk around in the forest, where we can feel ourselves far from the city that is very close to us in reality. Close to here we can join local people on the 20 km long “Carretera de las Aguas”, which is a dirt road used for running or riding a bike.

How do we get to Tibidabo?

The touristic and expensive route:
Most tourists take the metro (L7) to Avenida de Tibidabo, where they change to the “Tramvia Blau” (Blue Tram), which takes them for 4,5 euros (some people just walk) to the point where the tourist funicular leaves from. The “Funicular de Tibidabo” takes them to the top for a sum of around 7 euros.

The cheap route:
We can take the train (S1 or S2) to “Peu del Funicular”, where we can change to the funicular (for free, if we use a T10 ticket, since this funicular serves as public transport), which takes us to “Vallvidrera Superior”. There, we can wait for the local bus (Nr. 111) or take a 20 minute walk to the peak. If we follow this route, we will spend just 1 euro on our trip to the Tibidabo. To return to the city, we recommend you to walk down on some of the trails close to the tourist funicular.

The Blue Tram we mentioned earlier, also deserves a few words from us. This tram has been in service since 1901, and before, it was part of the once extensive (mostly disappeared) tramway network in Barcelona.

Blue tram in Tibidabo

When the tram arrives at the bottom of Tibidabo, it stops for a few minutes before heading back to Avenida de Tibidabo. We can use this moment for looking inside the tram, when there are not many tourists, you can get on the tram for a moment before it leaves, thus you can enjoy it without paying. After that, you can say that you have visited the most important things in the Tibidabo area, which is one of the areas you have to visit in Barcelona.

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